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Marina News Letter

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July 2018


          The Independence Day Celebration will be held on Wednesday, July 4th.

          The marina will be closed to vehicle traffic from Noon on Tuesday, July 3rd until Midnight on July 4th. You will need to have your car relocated by Noon on Tuesday so vendors can begin setting up. The boat ramp will be closed from Midnight on Tuesday until Midnight on Wednesday.

          We have reserved parking for Marina Tenants in the old City Hall and Old Library parking lot.  You will need to enter on the corner of Government St and 4th on the West Side.  The main entrance on Harrison will be barricaded. This will actually expedite your departure as you can turn left on Beach Drive.  You will need to pick up a tenant parking pass at the marina store prior to July 4th.  We will have golf carts shuttles running until the crowd is too thick to safely operate or 5:00pm, which ever one happens first.

          Please be aware that coolers will not be allowed into the marina unless accompanied by Marina Staff on Wednesday.  We urge you to provision your boat as early as possible to avoid any inconveniences.  I do not recommend leaving at all on Wednesday, you might not have a parking place when you return.

          Welcome our new tenant to the Marina Family Mark Strickland slip 745.

Let’s Salute to Freedom


Carie Luck

Marina Store Supervisor